Avenguard: Carrion Crown

Vorstag and Grine

As we were about to investigate Vorstag and Grine’s Chemic Works, we received news of a riot. It turns out the townspeople were trying to break into the beasts cell and have him burned at the stake.

We were able to prevent them from doing this by having Tuva, Inge, and Sattiva guard the doors. Tim went to the rooftop to survey the layout more clearly and promptly broke his bow. Tim was able to prevent any close up damage by casting Entangle around the building. Poppy ended the entire thing by casting stinking cloud and making everyone go home.

We didn’t kill anyone, but one of the ringleaders did. Though it’s not our fault, we’ll offer some gold to the family of the killed person.

Then we investigated V&Gs.

When we knocked and said that we had a warrant, this gnome thing laughed and slammed the door in our face. So Inge climbed the wall and opened the door from the inside of the courtyard. Unfortunately, there was a flesh golem hound we had to fight. It was a simple but terrifying fight, as every hit the hound dished out did 1/3 of Tuva’s hits.

After we killed the hound, we searched the stables and storeroom and managed to blow up some chemicals and kill some grotesque looking humanoids.

Then we entered the main area with the vats of chemicals. Inge dropped to the ground to get a better look around and was IMMEDIATELY surrounded by the humanoids. To make matters worse, the gnome thing started throwing poison axes at us.

Then the other member of V&G came out and started throwing bombs at us. We unloaded everything we had at him. Tim was loosing arrows and Poppy cast a lightning bolt at him. After killing all the humanoids, we had scared V&G enough that they left.

Once they were gone, we explored the rest of the factory and found a great many disturbing things.

One ‘bedroom’ looked more like an operating room. There was a 4 post bed and 2 talles (tables? I can’t read my handwriting). Shelves that held bell jars with body parts in them. We found a lockbox under his bed and the key for it in a vial of acid. There was also a ladder up to a tower. we found air and other odd items (we found other stuff but i’ll compile a list at the bottom)

The other bedroom looked like a library. Lots of books and more stuff in jars, HOWEVER, in the closet is was a dresser that had literal skins in it. Like human skins. One of them specifically was very large and looked almost sewn together. The large one also had bit marks where ‘the beast’ was bitten by a blood caimen.

Then we went into the basement and found a secret entrance to the sewers along with a body and a ledger of sales I believe

We are in the process of gathering all the evidence, loading a cart and taking it to someone to verify it all.

List of items we found. The starred ones are probably trial related:
Ebony tribal mask
*Silver torc
*Mammoth Tusk
*Small metal strongbox
*****Cabinet with freaking people skins in it
*Ledger in the basement
4 vials of anti-toxin
3 packets of flash powder
5 packets of alchemical grease

Depending on the time, (and since Tim won’t be sleeping tonight anyway), I think we should take the time to do a thorough search (take 20) on all the possible trial related stuff. Furthermore, once we’ve searched the cabinet, we should have someone see if they can tell who the skins are from.

THE EVIDENCE SO FAR (please excuse how disjointed this is, i’m copy/pasting from our earlier posts AND trying to decipher words written on a piece of notebook paper over the course of 5 sessions LOL)

This next section is all the evidence so far, starting from the first day of the trial, through the prism of what we now think we know.

His shoulder was not scarred even though he was supposedly bitten by an alligator
He supposedly bled when bit (he’s a golem)
Surgical tools there (too clumsy to use)
– (NEW) Surgical tools were traced to V&G
A face mask of Nan was there (he wouldn’t be able to cut it/clumsy)
– (NEW) Cut by V&G with surgeon tools cause they LIKE TO DO THAT
Golem is too dumb to stalk people when they’re alone
There was a potion of darkvision (golem wouldn’t need)
Hidden boat (golem is too heavy)
There were rations and a waterskin which a golem doesn’t need
Graves were indented/looted
– (NEW) V&G are gravestealers

Crying and laughing look the same.
The Beast would not be smart enough to imitate children to lure them out of the house.
The Beast could not have made it into the house by any entrance (window or door) without breaking something.
WE ENCOUNTERED A GHOST! The Beast was in prison and therefore could not have attacked us.
WE ENCOUNTERED A GHOST! The Beast cannot drain energy in such a way.
no marks on siding
Karin died two days AFTER the beast left
Karin died in her sleep
Karin’s window latches from the inside

Day 3
Skin of a beast with bite marks on his shoulder
Brada said ‘a monster’ set his place on fire NOT ‘The Beast of Leipstadt’
V&G worked with brada delivering body parts
We need to talk with Karl and figure out if he knew about V&G
Also describe the beast of lep AND the skin suit to Karl, see which one he recognizes

we need to figure out if any of the NON CABINET stuff we got from V&G is evidence.

From all of the evidence presented at one, it becomes clear that the ‘best’ is not guilty of the accused crimes. Not only is he not guilty, but in 2 of the 3 cases, we know who the guilty parties are.

The swamps of morast were indeed plagued by a beast, but not this one. V&G used the large sewn together skin to abduct people and steal from the graves to sell body parts. They also got sick pleasure out of skinning people and wearing their skins.

The village of hergstag was plagued by a ghost or wraith that killed the children. The ‘beast’ was friends with Elsa and cried when she died and he couldn’t harm the ghost/wraith.

Sanctuary was again the fault of V&G. Maybe a deal went bad, maybe V&G planned to kill Brada all along. V&G had a history of illegally selling body parts to Brada and the gruesome nature of the crime fits them perfectly.


Donnick matthew_borgen

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