Avenguard: Carrion Crown

The Trial

It was the upset of the century. We managed to find enough evidence to convince the court that the Beast of Lepistadt was not guilty of the accused crimes. He has almost certainly done things in the past, but he did not do these crimes.

We loaded up everything from v and g’s and brought it to the court. Poppy MASTERFULLY played the judges and made them see the truth. We helped the beast to the edge of town and he asked us to visit him in a couple of days.

We finally got a minute of down time, so we all rested up and went to Calzad to trade in some of our gear for better and new gear. We went early in the morning, then came back in the evening to gather our wares.

What we found was Vorstag (I think I don’t remember which is which) with a knife to Calzad’s throat. The big question is….what will we do?

My vote is to talk him down and make sure we save Calzad’s life. If it’s not possible to talk him down, we need to disable him and/or kill. I’d rather diable the crap out of him and submit him to the authorities. If he kills Calzad though, it’ll be the last thing he ever does.


Donnick matthew_borgen

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