Ranger of Pharasma


Timothy is an average man of average height. He has brown hair and an average face. As the middle child of thirteen kids, he was often passed over for everything. He never caused trouble, and he was too quiet to ever speak up.

In many ways, that’s what drew him to the woods. From a very young age, as soon as he’d finished his chores he would go into the woods and spend hours hunting and tracking, but never killing.

As he grew, he would go farther and farther away from his home, exploring new territory. One day he came across some tracks that were anything but natural. It looked like someone was shuffling and dragging their feet, snapping branches in their wake. Timothy tracked the tracks back to a clearing where he saw the newly dead corpse of a pale man in black robes being eaten by a rotting corpse that was somehow animated.

Timothy slew the creature that he later learned was a zombie and grew infuriated when he learned the man was a necromancer. The necromancer had performed some sort of ritual that leached life from the surrounding land and gave Timothy a true purpose in life for the first time. He would find and kill any un-natural creatures.

Of course, all his time spent in the wilderness did nothing to help him overcome his natural shyness….



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