Silas Valinar

Halfling Scholar


Silas is well kept (for his purse size) and clean. He’s generally open to conversation, but at times he comes across as crass.


Silas has lived a double life for sometime now. He has been the clerk at the local library in Ravengro for a couple of years but has used it mainly to feed his own research. Silas is an acquisitor of sorts. At least, he’d like to think he is.

Silas has been a student of Calzad Stonereaver for the past 7 or so years of his life. He moved to Ravengro just to get his own experience. He’s been trained in recognizing the real value of something and seeing what others have to offer.

Using the library he has, Silas has been researching items in the area, always looking for the next hidden treasure long forgotten in a land no one comes to.

Silas Valinar

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