Avenguard: Carrion Crown

Another Beautiful Day in Herstag

Why we ask questions

After the first day of the trial, we decided to head out to Herstag. At the last minute, we decided to get a bit of information from The Beat prior to leaving town.

The Beast is now called Ed.

He also has no tear ducts, so when he cries, like he does about his friend Elsa, he looks like his laughing.

Point 1 for trial: Crying and laughing look the same.

We then talked to the barrister who informed us that the town was abandoned approximately seven months ago after the last incident. The witnesses are three ladies who runt he mill outside of the current town we are in. We went there to talk to MacBeth’s witches.

They informed us that the children heard giggling outside their house in the middle of the night, and then went outside to see who it was. They then disappeared, never to be found again. Allen disappeared by his house. Gard, Martin, Rachel and Elsa ran outside their houses and disappeared. Karin was found in her bed.

The ladies did not want to give us any more information, so we had to move on.

We were provided a map of Herstag and the map indicated where each child’s house was. When we got to town, we got to do the Dance of the Bear Traps.

We checked a few different houses and saw creepy children attacking us, but were able to fend them off.

We went to Karin’s house and discovered no doors or windows were broken and the windows were latched from the inside.

Point 2 for trial: The Beast would not be smart enough to imitate children to lure them out of the house.
Point 3 for trial: The Beast could not have made it into the house by any entrance (window or door) without breaking something

After a search of Karin’s house, we continued searching the town, specifically the children’s houses. We then encountered a ghost, which drained many of us of certain abilities. Not only did we encounter it, but we believe it could have been what caused the children’s demises. Also, the children ghosts we encountered seemed to be similar to the ghost AND seemed to be following it.

Point 4 for trial: WE ENCOUNTERED A GHOST! The Beast was in prison and therefore could not have attacked us.
Point 5 for trial: WE ENCOUNTERED A GHOST! The Beast cannot drain energy in such a way.

While in town, we discovered a turquoise pendant, gold and silver, a silver pocket knife, and master’s thieves tools. (I will point out at this point in time during the day, I was away from the table doing laundry, so I don’t know where we found these items and/or what we thought we knew about them.)

We traveled back to town to find Timothy asleep in the wagon and no room at the inn.


I believe another point (which is probably the same as you already stated), is that for the beast to get into the window on the second floor might have damaged the siding a tiny little bit, and there were no marks at all.

Another Beautiful Day in Herstag
Donnick dimsey

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