Dwarven Fighter


Inge and her sister Tuva were born into a mining/merchant family. Their father is a miner in Versex, who met their mother when she stopped by his family’s tin mine, ages ago. She comes from a family of merchants, and as such, she traveled back and forth quite often between Versex and southern Ustlav. Being from a merchant family, she learned early how to fight and project the good they carried. She also had many survival skills, so she therefore was a very useful asset. When she met her husband, she gave up adventuring, for the most part. She still helps occasionally, but only when her merchant caravan knows they will be taking a particularly difficult run.

Laird is the oldest brother. He is blacksmith travelling with his mother’s old caravan.

Paal is the youngest brother. He is an apprentice cooper. Because he works with wood, he is the rebel of the family. Their father isn’t too happy about it, but their mother keeps reminding him that at least he is working with ale (which means the family gets it at a discount).

Inga and Tuva have worked many times for the professor. The first time was when he needed help loading his cart. Some time later, he came looking for people to help ‘mouse’ his house. In fact, they were very large rats, rodents of unusual size. More recently, he had come looking for a fighter to be a bodyguard on one of his routes. Tuva said that if she went, so should Inga. It was a ‘package deal.’ He acquiesced.

Tuva and Inga quite often argue about which is better, fighter or monk. Actually, they tend to bicker and tease each other frequently over many things.


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