Garlen Horbeck

Soft-spoken but strong farmer


Garlen is a very average looking man, slow to react, but is very sharp of mind. He may be slow, but it’s because he’s taking his time thinking of as many of the angles.

His skills lie in setting up the farms and knowing exactly what needs to be done.


Garlen was the head of the family of a small farm in the hills outside of Courtaud. His family consisted of him, his wife, and three children, 2 sons and a daughter. It was a modest farm, but it was doing well.

Like so many other farmers out in the wilds, he had other family nearby as well. A couple miles away, his sister lived with her husband, Farleck Unnav, and their 2 children, both boys. His cousin’s eldest son, Isaac Barrone, from Ravengro came some half a year to learn the ways of farming. Last would be his brother, Cliffton Horbeck, the eternal bachelor and makeshift blacksmith for the local farms.

Things were good until Garlen, Farleck, Isaac, and Cliffton came back from a market trip to find all their homes sacked by Orcs. Everything was destroyed at each of their homes. The houses, the barns, everything. The worst was finding the bodies of the women and children. It took two solid days to finally break away and make the trek to Courtaud.

Garlen Horbeck

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