Calzad Stonereaver

Lepidstadt Merchant


This is a hard faced dwarf whose face tells a variety of stories, though you question exactly how many of those stories are actually true.

His beard is perfectly trimmed clasped with a gold band brandishing the symbol Abadar. He follows the tenants to the tee.

His shop can be found tucked between a few buildings near the Main Market area. You’d never know it was there without direction as getting to it requires going down an alley. Once there, you’d never know that it was the shop of a merchant.

The area is filled with odds and ends, but nothing is ‘on display’. The roof is a patchwork of various sheets and tarps, all showing signs of well use. Despite the patchwork look of things, the area is clean and easy to move around in.




Calzad Stonereaver

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