Avenguard: Carrion Crown

Thoughts of Poppy

Well it seems that the townsfolk’s anxiety and anger has finally boiled over. I guess we

did prove our point quite well this morning, except for our point of Ed not being able to physically being able to kill the last girl Karin in her bedroom. Not sure why the easiest piece of evidence to understand is the one the townsfolk chose not to believe.
I expected the townsfolk to start putting their attention on me and my friends since we are trying to find evidence to prove the beast innocent or at least not to be executed. We probably should have taken proactive measures to quench the brewing riot before today. Calzad it seems asked the troupe that we came into the city with to try and humor the crowd.
I feel that it is going to be a long sleepless night with the riot starting, our investigation into Vorstag and Grimes for being connected to the tools and the bleach in that macabre examining room in the old hospital. and getting someone who can decipher some information from the box of papers in the box we found. I feel that i might have to deal with the riot being one of the few that could affect a large number of people without killing them. Someone should bring the papers to the Professor at the University, I’m sure that he has had decipher languages and decrepit books for his studies. Also a warrant would be nice to investigate the chemical works. I just hope we can convince these people to allow the justice system to work instead of taking matters into their own hands.


Donnick brandonj_hartl

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