Avenguard: Carrion Crown

Gaming Session 3/1

Trial Day 1

Editor’s note: Of course the day we’re slow enough for me to write this is the only day this week I don’t bring my notes. I’ll try to update with accurate information this weekend.

As we were about to reach the island where the beast allegedly was attacked, we were attacked by a flying beast. It had the body of a lion and a tail that shot spikes.

It came as us from the darkness and swooped low over our boats. One of the riverboat captains jumped in the water and started swimming away. Another fell beneath a volley of shots. As it flew over us, Tuva and myself were able to put enough arrows and bolts into it that it ran away screaming.

After Sativa healed the wounded we made our way onto the island. We decided that I would search the perimeter of the island and the others would search parts of the interior. We found several things:

Body Balm
Purse w/gold and plat
Oil of Keen Edge
Short sword
Silver tools for surgical stuff with a raven mask imprint
broken vial of dark vision
water skin
face of tracker (Nan Kelvin)

I meant to do it all in character, but life has been kicking my ass lately, so I’ll put up all the notes I can think of/have written down.

Regarding the silver tools:
We are trying to find out more about who bought them. So far we know that
a) they were made/sold 18 months ago by zablor and sons
b) they were sold to Vladka Costel
c) we need to find out what she did with them

Evidence we presented at the trial:
His shoulder was not stitched even though he was supposedly bitten by an alligator
He supposedly bled when bit (he’s a golem)
Surgical tools there (too clumsy to use)
A face mask was there (he wouldn’t be able to cut it/clumsy)
Golem is too dumb to stalk people when they’re alone
There was a potion of darkvision (golem wouldn’t need)
Hidden boat (golem is too heavy)
There were rations and a waterskin which a golem doesn’t need

About the justices:
Ambrose Karad – Old male human (chief/douche)
Kasp Allorod – Stern/military male human
Ambreth Drymud – our contact

What we will be investigating next:
Tragedy of hearthstag
- Death of multiple children
- Small girl named Elsa
- Golem came into town carrying the body of a little girl and laughing about it
- Witnesses are not being named

What I think we should do (obviously up for a party vote):
1) Pay people to find out about the silver insturments
2) Ask the golem about the little child/Elsa? See if he laughs?
3) See if we can find out who the witnesses are?
4) Talk to people ABOUT hearthstag?
5) Find a way for us to start rotating people to sleep


Donnick matthew_borgen

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