Avenguard: Carrion Crown

Gaming Session 2/21

Farleck Smells

Dear Journal,

We got to Lepistad and found a park to bed down in for the night. When we arrived in the town, there was an impromptu celebration. “The Beast” had been captured. Being as we were all exhausted, we did not take the time to investigate.

The next morning, we woke to discover that we ALL stank (even if Inge insisted I was the smelliest [which I’m pretty sure it was Farleck who one smelliest princess award]). That being said, we did not want to meet with either a professor or a judicator in such a manner, so we ALL went to the bath house to clean up.

After that, we sent Timothy with our farmers to find a place in the make-shift market. The rest of us went to the university to meet with Professor Monte Cristo. When we arrived, we discovered two things of interested. The Beast was captured in his library/museum AND he was missing a statue. While he seemed to think The Beast stole it, we asked if it was found on The Beast and the professor said no. After verifying that the Professor was who he said he was, we retrieved the books and delivered them as the will indicated.

Next we went to the court house. If we thought town was crazy before, the crowd in front of the court house was CA-RAZY. They had already erected a “burning man” for The Beast, who hasn’t even gone on trial. We were able to get information regarding the Judge and get the book delivered to her. At that point, she informed us that she is presiding over The Beast’s trial and does not feel he will have a fair one. She directed us to the barrister and suggested we place ourselves as his assistants.

The barrister needs help. He is a hot mess (and then some). He can’t even complete a sentence without getting flustered. Inge and I have more charisma in our little fingers than that man does (and that’s saying something). He introduced us to The Beast, who looks to be a flesh golem. However, upon questioning, a few in our part feel he has more.. intelligence and emotion?.. than the average golem.

We were then informed that the first witness would be making an appearance the next day. Said witness (jackass) resides in a town nearby. It is said that the jackass saw The Beast in town when people were taken away. However, none of us believe him. He was surly and rude and did not want to answer any of our questions. He did send us to the bone yard, which is where our adventure will pick up next.

Until next time,


Donnick dimsey

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