Avenguard: Carrion Crown

Gaming Session 1/17

In which our adventurers become merchants

Over the course of our travels, our blue cleric of goodness was able to use his mystical powers to make our wagon whole again, allowing us to continue on our way. The first day of travel passed as uneventfully as a fully armed and armored caravan could be. Poppy is brewing some foul smelling concoction in the back of the wagon. I’m not even sure how that’s possible, given that I didn’t see a fire, but his potions have saved my life more than once, so I keep my mouth shut.

Our dwarven sisters were all over the board. Over the course of the day they managed to get in a fist fight with each other, braid each other’s hair, give me a wedgie, and help me gather wood for a campfire. They are the most amazing (and scary) women I have ever met!

As we were getting ready to camp for the night, we saw a group of…things that were walking along the road with torches. Poppy and I scouted ahead and found out it was four poor farmers. Their clothes were threadbare and they looked like they had almost no supplies. Turns out they were a group of farmers whose family and farms had been destroyed by marauding orcs. They were SLIGHTLY suspicious of us. And by that I mean we basically had to beg them to come to the protection of our camp for the night. Over the course of the night we realized how useful their knowledge of the local area was and we asked them to accompany us.

It’s fortunate for them that they decided to travel with us, because the next day a war band of orcs attacked us while we were travelling. The highlight of the fight was when one of the remaining orcs had to decide if he wanted to go towards the large size dwarf, the flaming sphere, or the spiritual longsword. After they were dead we pulled 13 ranseurs, 13 sets of studded leather armor, and 56 javelins off them.

Our farmer friends helped us get into the next city without ANY issues at all, and we made an arrangement for them to be our animal handlers/porters/city liasons for the low, low cost of 1g per person per month. In the city, we did some negotiating and got official backing from the city with corresponding paperwork saying that we are legitimate merchants. We have legal standing to sell goods and move freely between cities.

We also decided to ditch our heavy horse and pick up some more light horses. And another smaller cart for extra wagon supplies/horse food/etc.

Our party of ‘adventurers’ is now headed to the big city (can’t remember its name) with:
4 porters/former farmers
5 light horses
1 small (2 wheel) cart
1 awesome kickass amazing cart
5 insane adventurers that are incapable of packing light


Donnick matthew_borgen

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